Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally got smart...Blasting Into Space


I finally took my own advice and got some material for the backing of bulletin boards... and I must say... it is SOOOO much easier to clean up and its ability to be reused is phenomenal!

This bulletin board was for classroom management.... Work thats out of this world... The construction of it was a little more complicated than i wanted it to be but hey...what can ya do? And I made it a little easier on my self by cheating with the precut stars.. Hey...nothin wrong with that! :)
I made my earth from construction paper and laminated it for future use along with the stars > always a plus! And the Rocket I used white paper for the body, (it would’ve been easier to use an oatmeal canister) and black paper for the wings... i used foil covered styrofoam cups and orange tissue paper for the bottom.. It was definitely fun, but somewhat time consuming... 

I also did an arithmatic ed. bulletin board.This board was kind of last minute, so it doesn’t really jump out and grab you... but its still cute.... Third grade math dealing with square roots: 

Reading, Vowel Tree

I did a Vowel tree bulletin board, this would be definitely younger grades.

For the background I just used a green tablecloth. I used a putty knife to push it under the wood on the board so I didn't need to use any border...but a fall border would look nice too.

For the tree: Using brown felt > cut out branches and then the base, and just use a whole piece of felt for the middle. Take a black sharpie and draw lines and knots on the tree to make it more realistic. I used a leaf-vine that I found at the dollar tree for the tree leaves and just stapled it up (this board is full of staples). 

For the falling leaves with vowels: I cut out from construction paper leaves that I had drawn before hand. I need to laminate the leaves and such so I can save them for a later date! Then you just need to use coordinating colored construction paper and put up words that have each vowel... 

*You could also make this an interactive board by putting velcro on the back of each words and having the students match the words with the vowels :)

Here is a closer look:


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  1. I love your 'Work this out of this world". How did you make the letters?