Friday, August 20, 2010

Bingo anyone?

I found this cute idea online somewhere for algebra bingo, and modified it a little for 4th-5th grade. The interactive board is actually fun to play, 1-4 players, and it shouldn’t take them long to play... 
The goal is the same as bingo, except you have to simplify fractions on the “bingo balls” from the blue pocket, find the answer on your board and get five in a row. The only catch is the students are required to work out each problem on a worksheet, and have to hand it in, otherwise they don’t get credit for playing. They can earn points for doing this which they can use later... i actually like it... No, its not one of those boards that pops out at ya... (those i prefer) but it’s still cute... i think....:) 
You could use this idea for subtraction, addition, multiplication, or anything else really.... you just have to decide :) have fun with it!

For the background: I used navy blue material (great because I can reuse it).

For the Bingo Balls: I used colored construction paper cut out in circles with the answers (simplified fractions) and then laminated it so that the kid's hands would not tear the answers. :)

For the Bingo Boards: I used white card-stock paper with the drawn out grids and problems then laminated them. I attached by yarn a dry-erase marker so that they could cross out their answers and get a bingo.

The worksheets: They had the rules once again and then places for the students to work out each problem in order to get credit for playing the game.

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