Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bulletin Boards :)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAKING BULLETIN BOARDS! To me they are so much fun & I usually just can't wait to get started... I love using bright colors and making things just jump out at you.... But sometimes that can get expensive.... Not going to the teacher store is my first move... I think thrift stores is the way to go... You can almost always find gadgets to make what ever it is that you need for almost half the price! Yes, I will admit it is way easier to just get pre-made cut outs and stick them on the board... But where's the fun in that?

I think it is wonderful that there are so many options for bulletin board backgrounds. I bet you could add to this list, but here are a few that i have found work pretty well:

*Tablecloths (If you have light colors you would need to double them, otherwise you'd be able to see the cork board behind it).
*Wrapping paper (I can find solid colors at my local dollar tree).
*shower curtains
*or of course you could use the paper designed for bulletin boards, if you have cheap access.

and you can make your own border or use pre-made, i usually can find some at the dollar tree for cheap.

My very first bulletin board was on weather:

The makings of the board:

Background: Blue wrapping paper.
Clouds: Pillow batting, with tons of staples :)
lightning & rain: Using yellow card stock cut out lightning rods and for the rain using silver christmas rain-like-tinsel from the dollar tree. staple it under the clouds.
Sun: Huge yellow poster board, cut into a half circle and then long skinny triangles to make the sun rays.
Wind: White poster board cut into swirly shapes with grey marker in the middle. Stick the biggest one like its coming out of a cloud :)
The thermometer: Using white card stock paper cut out a rectangle and outline it in red, use a real thermometer as a guideline for drawing.
On the board i have a place where they can place what the weather is today... and off to the side i have different elements of weather listed :)


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